Monday, March 15, 2010

Friends of many features

While my mom swam with a dolphin (you can see the two of them on my mom's blog at my dad took pictures of these parrots.  I guess they're parrots. They aren't pheasants I know that. Anyway, it's a little disconcerting to know that my parents were looking at other creatures besides Caesar and me.
   I think they thought about us though while they were in Mexico.  They brought home some doggie toys from Cabo san Jose but they looked suspiciously like something purchased at Fred Meyer right here in the states.  When they got back they were a little distressed because their car had been broken into.  Thieves stole this woman that talks to them out of a small box when they're driving.  My mom says she saved their marriage so I hope they get another woman in a box soon!
    Caesar stayed with his brother while our parents were gone.  I stayed here on the ranch with my human brother Matt and his family and their pals Rex, Toby and Charlie.  I've talked about them before.  Anyway, they were good company but I missed Caesar and my parents.
    A few days after they got back I pulled a muscle in my leg. I ran right into a post if you can believe that!  Looking up at the stars.  I wish sometimes I could talk and not just type but naturally with a pulled leg muscle I couldn't very well type even, to tell my parents what had happened.  Instead I lifted my foot, asked for help going up the stairs and in the morning when it still didn't feel good, I went up on the side of the hill and layed down.  I never go up there without PB or Caesar.  But when PB my feline pal started up the hill I let him know that napping on my back wasn't going to work this time.
    My mom called the vet, Cari Wade in Condon, OR (where my mom says three Nobel Prize winners have lived.  She says there is something in the water there so I always have a good long drink when I go to Condon -- which then also requires a good long...well, you know.)  My dad drove me and for the first time my mom didn't come along.  Something about a line that was dead? with her book?
      The vet worked her magic on me.  She seemed to know it was a pulled muscle and she gave me a shot and then she trimmed my nails.  Such a sweet human with a little human playing on the floor outside and another something, maybe a human, being packed inside her shirt where you can't see it or hear it.  Just sometimes I guess it kicks and the vet notices.
    So with a shot and a couple of days of pills I'm doing just great.
    So, do you like to go to the vet?  I really, really do.
    Anyway, I liked the picture of the birds. They acted like friends and that's a good thing.  I like birds in general. After all, I'm a bird dog so I guess enjoying this picture isn't surprising at all.
     Have a great week.  Woof!  Woof!