Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An attack of the heart

The last time my mom let me slobber on the computer I told you that my dad's daughter was coming to visit after his stroke.  Well, she did. That's her on the left and I'm trying to get her attention.  Anyway, the very next day....we had lots more excitement.
     Right after lunch my dad got sick and he said it was what Katy gave him to drink, some "healthy" stuff.  After that, he complained about "gas."  Now, I know about gas.  I can clear a room in five seconds.  Even Caesar can clear a room and he's a quarter of my size. Well, my dad didn't clear a room but he said his stomach hurt a lot.  So my mom called the doctor and she raced into town to get some medicine. Caesar and I rode along. THEN, he said his chest hurt but he was sure it was gas and to give the medicine time to work.  I hung out in their room and Caesar curled next to him on the bed.
     In the evening, Katy went to bed and my mom was at the computer when my dad called to her.  She went right in to him and he said now his heart was doing very strange things so she said we were going to the emergency room. We know where that is.  We were there two weeks before.
    But she didn't take us.  Instead they hurried into the garage and into the car.  But it wouldn't start!  So they got into the truck.  Now, I always go with my dad when he's in the truck but not this time! What was happening?
    My mom got the truck into gear and off they went.
    About three hours later my uncle Ellis arrived to get my aunt Katy to take her to the hospital.  They left us home again!  They said something about the doctors stopping his heart and getting it started again and that he was having a stent placed, whatever a stent is.
    Finally, almost when the sun was coming up, Katy and my mom came home.  My dad had had something called a "heart attack".  I didn't see anything attack his heart.  I would NEVER let anything attack my dad.  Neither would Caesar but this time what attacked his heart came from inside it.  Well, a dog can't be expected to do anything about that!
   The next day we got to go in and see my dad because this hospital allows "pets" (such an uncommon name for how grand we really are) visit their parents even in intensive care. My mom took a picture of us in there but I didn't like how I looked so I'm not using it.  Instead, we're using this one where you can see that my dad is doing pretty well now that he's home. Lots of people come here to have him do things. My aunt Katy stayed extra days so my mom could do her work with her new book.
    I'm sure glad my dad made it and that my mom knew how to drive the big truck.  And I'm REALLY glad that we live close enough to that emergency room place.  Otherwise my dad might not be alive.  At least that's what my mom says. Two assaults on his body in two weeks, that's a lot of misery.
    We are happy to have my dad back home recovering from that stroke and heart attack.  We'll give him extra hugs and be careful when he's walking with his walking stick around the house so he doesn't fall.  We'll stay on the look out for anything that might attack his heart.  Love your masters because you never know when something might attack them that you can't see.Woof!  Woof!  Bo

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Big Red Truck comes to our New House

It's been awhile, I know. My mom's been on the computer finishing her novel and hasn't let me on it to keep you posted.
       Much has happened at this new place.  There's almost as much excitement here as on the ranch.  First of all, last month, a big red truck with flashing lights showed up at our door.  I was inside with Caesar sleeping in my mom's kennel she calls her "office" when my dad shouted for her and we all went running.
     When we got to the bedroom my dad looked strange and he said he couldn't make his legs work and he started to sound like he had a mouth full of ice cream because my mom couldn't understand him.  So she helped him to bed then got on the telephone!  I mean, mom, on the phone?  When dad's like, weird?
     Well, after the phone call she put us outside so we watched everything else through the bedroom sliding door.    Pretty soon the red truck arrived with three guys carrying suitcases.  I guess she must have called them.
     I don't like suitcases. It means someone is going away.
     Sure enough, my dad got something stuck in his nose and a needle in his arm and then he was on a skinny little bed and they wheeled him out the door.  My mom rushed around, grabbed her purse and I wondered if she'd remember us out there looking in.
     She did!  We hopped in the car and spent most of the day there at this place called an emergency room (where the red truck was parked in front of).  She came out a couple of times to give us water and walk us but we were fine in the car.  I like leather seats and it's a cool kennel to hang out in.
     Finally, my dad came home and I licked his face.  But he isn't the same as when he left.  He uses a cane now and he goes to a place for "PT" they call it (sounds like PB the cat to me!) and Speech.  My mom says he had a lacuna stroke.  I personally like to be stroked but I don't think that's what this is.
    So different people have been staying with us and my dad while my mom goes off with her suitcase to "promote her book".  We used to go with her and my dad when they did that but not now.
     I'll keep you posted but just know that the three of us -- me, Ceasar and PB -- are being real careful not to trip my dad or rush past him 'cuz he's sort of unstable my mom says.  We'll keep an eye on him.  He knows we have his back.