Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Foliage

     It's fall in Central Oregon and we headed over the mountain for one of my mom's book signings.  On the way back my mom made my dad stop so we could take pictures of the fall colors.  My mom says it may not be Vermont but it's all we've got and she thinks it's pretty cool.  Here's Caesar taking in the view. He had two baths yesterday:  one because he'd visited a sheep barn and rolled in the old sheep doo-doo and the second when he found raccoon poo and rolled in it.  I couldn't find either one of them!  Dang!
    We'd spent the night at Simon's house in Salem, that's Caesar's brother. They have a birthday next week.  I wonder if my mom will have a party.  Caesar will be three!  He has so much yet to learn!

     Then there's PB who has taken an interest in Yoga maybe because he doesn't get to travel with us.  I think he calls this one "Downward Dog" or something like that.  My mom noted there are 13 yoga studios in Central Oregon and maybe she should look into that as a relaxing form of exercise especially since her episode in the hospital with ulcers.  I have no idea what ulcers are but we were home alone with dad for four whole days while she was tending to them. When my dad took us into the hospital to visit her, we couldn't find them anywhere so I'm not sure how they held her hostage there, but they did.
      I hope your fall is going well and full of lots of foliage. Maybe you could send us pictures my mom could put up on Facebook...or maybe here if she can figure out how to do it.  Meanwhile, Don't let your downward dog get you down and don't let ulcers hold you hostage.  Enjoy the fall foliage instead.  Woolf!  Woolf!  Bo