Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dogs Catching up and Catching On

Look at that deer!  Oh, she looks calm and peaceful now but she's part of a herd that harasses me and Caesar!  I find tracks in the snow right down our driveway!  The other day, she charged at me.  Well, I'd gotten out and tracked her down but she ran right up to me.  I high tailed it out of there!  But these are some of our neighbors.
     My mom's been so busy she hasn't let me on the computer lately.  So let me tell you that we're moved in, sort of.  Boxes are still in various places my mom says they shouldn't be.  But I'm really liking my new bed and Caesar has a new bed too.  We sleep right next to our mom and dad.
      And get this:  PB, the cat, has become an indoor cat!  He used the litter box for the first time this week and my mom danced around the sun room.  'Course, he'd peed on the guest bed when my "sister" Katy and her husband were here from Florida.  And he peed on my mom and dad's bed and my dad caught him in the act!  Mom says it's lucky he's still alive.
      But she went to Pet Express, got a litter box and special litter and he's been using it!  I'm glad because he's my pal and he's always wanted to live inside with us.  Now he is.
       We've also been seeing more visitors.  The cable guy has come, the garbage truck, the mail man comes right up to the door and rings the bell!  Today UPS came right up to our door!  My mom is" agog with convenience" she says.  I'm also having some ear problems and the trip to the vet was only 15 minutes instead of an hour so that's good too.
       I've met a couple of the neighbors and their dogs.  They're nice people.  Today when my mom took a box of goodies (she makes home made cracker jacks) to a neighbor, they gave us a plate of cookies.  My dad had one; my uncle Ellis (here helping hook up the ice maker) ate one and I.....ate all the rest before they noticed!  Wow, I love Christmas, don't you?  I hope you have a merry one.  My friends Rex, Charlie and Toby will be here on Saturday.  That makes five dogs under one roof.  I can hardly wait.  Woof!  Woof!  Bo

PB, newly-reformed and now, an indoor cat!