Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wishing you Merry Christmas

It's almost Christmas!  We had an ice storm this past week.  Just walking on the deck was treacherous.  The grass crunched when Caesar and I walked and gosh, we couldn't even get up the side of the bank without extra effort. All the trees were covered with ice that looked like something good to eat but wasn't.
   Today, the sun came out and everything is melted and now it's mud!  My favorite thing!
   Except that mom insists we get more baths, not something I like at all.  Caesar doesn't seem to mind but then he has smaller feet, no problem with chronic ear infections and less fur. I'll tell you about those infections and the routine my mom goes through with me twice a week.  Yuk!  But not today.  Today is happy time and I won't even mind getting a shower. I still dry faster than Caesar does.
   So I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas from Caesar and me.  His brother Simon and his mom are coming to visit for New Years.  She always brings hoofs!  My favorite thing!  I have to be careful not to drop one in the toilet bowl (which is a great place to hide stuff from Caesar) because once it clogged up the plumbing and my dad had to take apart the whooooole thing and he wasn't very happy.  But hoofs just taste so great and they keep our teeth clean.I'm hoping my mom will put a  hoof in my Christmas stocking.
    My "sister" Katy sent a package from Florida with both our names on it.  Some of the paper ink is smeared now that I've tried to pick it up and shake it the way dog's do, but giving it a good mouthing.  Can't tell what it actually is but it's soft.  OK, soft things are my favorite things too!
   I hope you find both soft and hard chewies in your Christmas stocking and that next year you'll be a nice warm place whether the sun comes out or the world is covered with ice.  Woof!  Woof!  Bo

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ceasar's Brother, Simon, comes to visit

This is Simon, Cece's brother. He's got a swell sleeping bag but it's in pink! That's a girl's color. No wonder people keep calling my pal Caesar, "she" when he's a "he." Anyway, Simon and his mom spent Thanksgiving with us. It was cool. We went for walks beside the river and I treed a porcupine! But I didn't try to bite him this time. I kept my distance until he found a tree. Whew! Was my mom worried. But I came when she called me. There were gophers to dig up in the field and they're almost as interesting as porcupines.
We're getting the house ready for Christmas! My mom is always bringing new snacks home for me this time of year. I love the all natural ones with peanut butter flavor. I mean, is there anything better than a peanut butter snack? Well, maybe gophers.
Have a good week all of you! More photos later. Woof, Woof! Bo