Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Blanket Bridge

New things happening at our house!  Remember when I told you about the zappy wire thing my mom put around the back 40 as she calls it.  It had little white flags to show us where to stay to avoid the zapping ping.  The white flags are almost all gone now but Caesar and I know that the "painful ping" is still there if we get too close.

For the past many months, when my mom wanted to go for a walk with us off the back forty, she put us in the car, backed the car out and then we jumped out to go for a walk with her.  It was how we avoided the zapping pinging thing. When we came back, we popped back into the car then back into the garage.  She was so careful to make sure we didn't get pinged.

"What happens if the car won't start?" we heard her ask my dad one day.  "Or if it snows and we can't back out?  How will I take them for a walk down the road?"

My mom and dad asked around.  A friend said maybe put us in a little red wagon and pull us across.  Another friend suggested putting a hood over our heads.  I mean, please, a hood?

Then yesterday a neighbor said to put a blanket down and make up a command so we wouldn't be afraid.  My mom selected "Safe!"  She put a red blanket down, said "Safe" and then pulled us onto it.  We didn't get pinged!  And we had the best walk ever!  When we came back I was a little hesitant but she said "Safe!" again and I stepped right on it.  Wow!  How cool!

I still don't know for sure what makes that blanket (that is sometimes on the bed so when we're dirty our feet get it dirty rather than the comforter) "safe."  Maybe it has something to do with those collars we wear when we're in the back 40 but that mom takes off of us when we go for walks over the safe bridge.  You think?

We're getting ready for Christmas too!  Hope you are!  Have a happy one.  Bo, Woof, Woof