Friday, July 29, 2011

Cheat Grass and Edits

This is one of the last pictures taken while walking with my mom in the back forty as she calls it.  We learned to wear our collars, stay inside the white flags and not even chase the mules that ran right up to the fence. Now it's off limits.  CHEAT GRASS!
       My mom has mowed a bunch of it, little cream-colored barbs that stick in shoes and inside my toes and ears. Caesar went the vet twice in one week to have his ears cleared. He had to be "put under." So we're stuck in the yard, back to dog parks and living in the house until fall when my mom has some seed company coming to spray the cheat.  Hurrah.  Those little barbs make a misery of fur.  But meanwhile, the rabbits and chipmunks we like to chase are sitting on the other side of the fence chattering at us because we can't come "play" with them.
     I've been so preoccupied with cheat that I haven't convinced my mom to let me blog. But today she finished her "edits" she calls them.  She sits for long, long hours at the computer taking tiny little taps changing "He said" to He scratched his chin" or vice versa. She's cutting words but choosing better words she says. She finds words she repeated too much and has to delete them. She added a couple of scenes she said...I don't know what scenes are.  Her editor put notes in the margin and she answers those she tells us, promising to work just a few more minutes and then we can "go for a walk."  She's started spelling "w-a-l-k" so Caesar won't get too excited but I know what those letters mean. And she's still sitting there after four hours with me lying in the doorway so she can't get out without my knowing it.
    We've also seen some changes in our grassy yard.  It was a great jungle with tall grasses and places to look for lizards chasing them under the decks but then she had some people come in who spent the day digging and tossing out things they called weeds. She says it feels like she's lost weight seeing that yard cleaned up so nice. I don't tell her that she hasn't lost weight.  I'm just glad she's happy because that means she'll be letting us outside more often and maybe she'll even stick cotton in our ears and let us run in the back forty if only for a minute or two.
  Hope you get to run in your back forty!  Woof!  Woof!  Bo