Friday, January 7, 2011

Abandoned at the ranch

Hi.  I wanted you to know that I got to visit the ranch with my dad!  As soon as the truck turned down the steep-as-a-cow's-face grade, I sat up and smelled the river.  Ah, heaven. Wow, it was so cool coming home.  Rex was there, my "brother's" dog.  He had surgery before Christmas but we could play and wrestle.
          Not that I don't like our new place, I do but there's nothing that can replace a river with slivers of ice at the edge and geese (hundreds of them) sitting on open water or on the flat fields beside it.
        This time, my dad also brought PB, my cat buddy along.  I'm not sure why...but he and my mom were talking about something called "Cabo" and packing suitcases and how they couldn't leave PB in Bend because he'd feel abandoned.  Abandoned?  Where are they going?  What are they saying?
          I forgot about it when I got to the ranch. The litter box and PB's house and my ear drops and anti-fungal medicine and some weird wash my mom puts in my ears once a week all came along.  PB isn't used to travel so he howled the entire way but once we got to the ranch he ran right up to his old food bowl on the deck.  But here's the amazing thing:  my dad let him sleep inside the house!  And use the litter box!  My mom says this is a sign that even octogenarians can adapt.  I don't know what an octogenarian is.  Someone related to an octopus?
           So my mom didn't come along and neither did Caesar.  Toward the end of the second night with just "the boys" at the ranch, I realized this was not a good sign.  Me and the cat here with my dad; mom and Caesar in Bend.  Hmmmm.
           This morning my dad packed up again and told Matt to look after me good and said I couldn't go with him this time.  I couldn't believe it!  I pulled against my collar Matt was holding and as soon as the door closed and he released me I slammed against the door.  It didn't budge. I could hear my dad walk away! Oh my heart ached!  Is this what abandoned means?
           But as soon as the truck rolled out the driveway without me Matt let me out of the house and Rex came over and we rolled down the hill and then PB came out and washed his face on the deck and climbed up on me. Friends are what you need when you feel abandoned. My pals helped me remember that I was here, at the ranch, my favorite thing!  Well one of them anyway and I couldn't afford to be sad when I had friends and a good place to play right in front of me.  Matt and his wife will come stay with us here or they'll take us home with them until my mom and dad come and get me.  So I guess I'm not abandoned only left behind for a time.
          Boy will I have stories to tell Caesar!  Guess he'll have a few to tell me too because he's going to stay with his brother and sister at the breeder's house.  We're all going on vacation!  But I get to go on vacation at the ranch and there's no better place than home.  Woof Woof!  Bo