Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

My mom has not allowed me at the computer for months!  But today is my birthday and she couldn't keep me away.  I'm six years old which of course is 42 in dog years. Still living at home....  Anyway, she bought me this "thing."  It looks like a soft pretzel but it's really hard.  I'm considering what to do with it in this top picture.
Here you can see I've decided it's worth chewing. It's made in Oregon whatever it is...some kind of rawhide I guess. My mom's friend said to always look for chew toys made in America, something about testing etc. So my mom got me this and a couple of bones. Gee, I live a great life even though, at 42, I shouldn't be living in the bedroom of my mom's house; but here I am.  Ceasar lives here too so it's not like I'm the only freeloader.  And she says we bring her great joy.
   She's been sick for three months coughing and hacking and trying all sorts of remedies. I'm hoping she'll be well soon because she's almost too tired to take me for walks. But at night when she says "Time for bed!" and all the lights go out and we follow her and my dad into the bedroom, she lets me jump up on the bed if only for a minute.  She nuzzles my face and scratches the side of my nose - a place that's hard for me scratch - and tells me how happy she is that I'm in her world. If she only knew...I feel the same about her.
    Hope your birthdays are happy times...thanks for stopping by.  Woof!  Woof!  Bo.