Friday, May 3, 2013

  Boy, has it been awhile since my mom has let me post on my own blog!  But she's been busy and just hasn't taken much time to stop and smell the roses. - or in this case the Christmas Cactus that is blooming right now. I think the cactus is a little confused too since it didn't put out at Christmas time. But here it is May and wow, it's a beauty!
     Since I posted last my dad has had three back surgeries and been really sick but his body is working now, not more breaks since December 28 and he is even driving a car again. Caesar and I spent a lot of time on the bed with him when he was so down and we looked after my mom too. Sometimes you have to do double duty as a dog.
    Then this spring we spent several days at our ranch on the John Day river. We sniffed out rabbits and ran over the birdbeak wildflowers and had a grand time. My mom had scrappers and workers and volunteers and relatives and friends and neighbors helping sort out stuff for the auction and what my dad said he wanted brought to our home in Bend. So we have a horse trailer full of "stuff" and a used U-Haul full of "stuff" and a flatbed trailer full of "stuff" that my dad says will all fit inside a new shop and garage he wants to build. My mom says it better fit!  And she hopes it'll be in there before the neighbors start to complain about all the "stuff" in our yard.
    Meanwhile a new dog will be running over the hills and beside the river as my parents sold the ranch. My mom says it was the right thing to do and my dad agrees I think but we will all miss it. The new dog's name is Ole and he and Caesar and me all got along fine on a day they visited. I left him one of my toys and a bin for his food.  I sure hope he enjoys it as much as I did. He has two boys to run around with him there and a pretty nice mom and dad, too.
     My mom has three new books out since I posted last but best of all is that she is finally taking a little time after caring for my dad and getting the ranch ready to sell to notice flowers blooming, even if it's Christmas cactus in May.  I hope you take time to notice things too. That's the best way to get through a hard time and celebrate what you already have.  Woof! Woof!  Bo