Monday, April 11, 2011

A Big Red Truck comes to our New House

It's been awhile, I know. My mom's been on the computer finishing her novel and hasn't let me on it to keep you posted.
       Much has happened at this new place.  There's almost as much excitement here as on the ranch.  First of all, last month, a big red truck with flashing lights showed up at our door.  I was inside with Caesar sleeping in my mom's kennel she calls her "office" when my dad shouted for her and we all went running.
     When we got to the bedroom my dad looked strange and he said he couldn't make his legs work and he started to sound like he had a mouth full of ice cream because my mom couldn't understand him.  So she helped him to bed then got on the telephone!  I mean, mom, on the phone?  When dad's like, weird?
     Well, after the phone call she put us outside so we watched everything else through the bedroom sliding door.    Pretty soon the red truck arrived with three guys carrying suitcases.  I guess she must have called them.
     I don't like suitcases. It means someone is going away.
     Sure enough, my dad got something stuck in his nose and a needle in his arm and then he was on a skinny little bed and they wheeled him out the door.  My mom rushed around, grabbed her purse and I wondered if she'd remember us out there looking in.
     She did!  We hopped in the car and spent most of the day there at this place called an emergency room (where the red truck was parked in front of).  She came out a couple of times to give us water and walk us but we were fine in the car.  I like leather seats and it's a cool kennel to hang out in.
     Finally, my dad came home and I licked his face.  But he isn't the same as when he left.  He uses a cane now and he goes to a place for "PT" they call it (sounds like PB the cat to me!) and Speech.  My mom says he had a lacuna stroke.  I personally like to be stroked but I don't think that's what this is.
    So different people have been staying with us and my dad while my mom goes off with her suitcase to "promote her book".  We used to go with her and my dad when they did that but not now.
     I'll keep you posted but just know that the three of us -- me, Ceasar and PB -- are being real careful not to trip my dad or rush past him 'cuz he's sort of unstable my mom says.  We'll keep an eye on him.  He knows we have his back.


  1. Bo, we are so sorry about your dad and hope he gets better soon and things get back to normal for you. We are woofing for you. Your friends in Redmond, Sassi & Lollipop

  2. Happenings like that are scary, but you know your mom will never forget about you guys. She'll always make sure you're looked after, no matter what else she has to take care of. And now that she's home again I'll bet she and your dad are very grateful for your sweet attention. Give 'em lots of doggy kisses, Bo. They always make everything better.

    Careann's Black Lab