Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Friends and rattlesnakes

  Here's my friend Hershey.  He lives in Wisconsin so we're really just computer pals.  We haven't actually met but you don't have to sniff someone to know whether they're your friends or not.  Association works and Hershey is associated with the Kralls who are long time friends of my mom and dad.  They live in Northern Wisconsin and Hershey's dad likes to hunt like my dad does.  Hersh doesn't do it much anymore.  I don't either. You can see by his white whiskers that he's older than me.  That white circle in the middle of his head...that's the flash from the camera but hey, it looks sort of cool with his white eyebrows.
    I had an adventure yesterday I didn't even know about until after it was over.  I helped my Dad and Matt put a suction line into the river (it's been in flood stage and the usual suction line wasn't available so they had to adapt).  All of a sudden my dad says, "Whoa!"  And Matt picks up a shovel and just like that he's holding a three foot long rattlesnake that had crawled right underneath me.  I guess he was looking for shade and my hairy belly provided it.
        Today my mom and dad will take Caesar to the vet.  He got something in his ear and he's acting crazy.  He crawled into the closet where my mom's shoes are (a dog could get lost in there and not come out for weeks if he had a mind to chew!) and hid there until she found him. Tthen he squealed when she picked him up and touched his ear.  So off they'll  go.  I sure hope it isn't anything too serious.  I have lots of ear problems myself and had a cheat grass break my eardrum when I was only eight weeks old.  (My mom thinks that's why I don't always come when she calls me but hey, sometimes a dog just wants to do what a dog wants to do).
   Have a good day and don't forget to tell your friends howdy.
Woof!  Woof!  Bo


  1. Scary rattle-snake Bo. Glad they found it before it got chance to hurt you. And I do hope Caesar's okay.

  2. Hi Bo,
    My owner and I are in a love hate relationship. She loves me but not my hair. I love,love,love her, but I don't unerstand. Why is she so mad at me when I go over to my horse friends and eat their poop and roll in it. Or why she can't understand that I need a big drink so I go to the creek or river and take a swim. I know she bathes me but I just want to be a free living guy and cool off.
    When I come home I get put away in my crate. Which by the way I like it. She dtops yelling at me then.
    When she gives me a bath, she says something like oh my gosh, he birthed a Pomeranian. Don't really understand it, but when I get out I get to chase after something she calls a Wubbie. Boy is that fun. My little dog friends don't seem to mind, and they lose hair too! We all just love, love, love our humans!