Tuesday, June 7, 2011

From wildflowers to Woof Woof!

I'll tell you, it's been a cool summer so far.  Lots of rain and mud, oh how I love it.
 My mom had a woman come with a camera and she took lots of pictures of us.  In a couple of weeks I'll put one or two up here.  My mom called it a Photo Shoot but I didn't see any guns anywhere, just that camera.  It was fun.  We had to get a big bath at a new place the day before and we looked really good before the "shoot".
     A little while ago, the sun came out and look what my mom found.  A wildflower and she caught me in her little camera too in the back, running in what my mom calls "the back forty."
     To run there, Caesar and I have to wear those collars I was telling you about but it isn't bad, not really.  As long as we stay away from those white flags.  Well, Saturday, I just couldn't.  My mom was off to someplace called Salt Lake City and my dad had friends staying here and he and Ken drove away in the car leaving me with the woman, Nancy, and I couldn't take it!  So I ran through the white flags!
     I heard the warning beeps but I couldn't stop myself.  It was the irresistible pull of irrational behavior (my mom says there is a book with that title) and I ran through it.  Yowser!  I felt a jolt but I kept going, running after my dad's car.
     He saw me in the mirror he said.  He was driving again! That's something new since all his time with the doctors, hospital and lately something he calls "cardio rehab."  He stopped and I got in.  He drove me back and I had to stay at home.  It's so hard to stay home!  So I chewed my bone, chased PB around for awhile then let Caesar have the bone.  That's the best way to get over a misery, get generous (though PB might wish I'd done that earlier.)
     Here's a picture of PB making up with me though.  You can't tell, but he's grooming me.
And here's the real treat:  that little house there, it's in the back forty and underneath it lives something warm and furry.  It's how Caesar and I spend our days now, trying to get under there and see what it is.  Life is so wonderful.  I hope you keep having things that attract your attention and good friends who forgive you when you mess up too much.  Woof Woof!  Bo

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  1. Oh, Bo... now didn't I tell you that running through the electric fence would be painful? My Mistress says you're just like some children she knows... ones that read "Don't touch" signs, and have to touch it just to find out why they weren't suppose to!

    Glad to hear your Dad is driving again. Next time you want to ride with him, though, I suggest you beg and whimper *before* he leaves, not chase him afterwards.

    Now I'm thinkin' you ought to ignore what's under that shed, especially if it's black with a white stripe along its back. But maybe it's just a gopher. They're kinda fun to watch. They pop up and down like they're playin' hide 'n' seek. They can teach guys like us how to improve our digging skills, too.

    Enjoy lolling in the summer grass and swat that PB cat for me. (I'd never dare do it myself.)

    Tynan the Black Lab