Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Writers' LIfe is the Dog's Life too

This is what a writer's life is really like:  boxes in the back of the car, a cart to haul them while me and Ceasar wait.  Caesar's sleeping next to me.  Then my mom speaks, she makes people laugh, then signs books and my dad loads stuff back into the car and we drive three hours or more home.  My mom blogged about why she drives so far to meet readers.  You might like the post though she didn't even mention me.http://stephaniebarko.com/2011/08/15/jane-kirkpatrick  Still I'd rather go with them than stay at home.

Except this last time when my mom and dad flew to Minnesota.  They left us with Alena.  She smells so good!  She wears jeans and spurs and works with horses and dogs all day and has a business looking after people's animals when they travel.  She fed PB and us and watered plants and it was cool. We all like her a lot.

We haven't been able to run in the back forty much because of all the cheat grass.  Caesar's visited the vet three times in one week to get those little weeds out of his ears. Now my mom puts cotton in our ears and we can play for about an hour and then she pulls us into the yard.  It's a nice yard, though.  My mom gave in, she said, and called the landscaper to clean out the big grass and weeds that we were hiding in a lot.  Here's a picture of it after being cleaned out. The stones were made by her friends on the reservation.

My mom said she felt ten pounds lighter after the landscapers came.  I don't know why.  She ISN'T ten pounds lighter.  Maybe if she'd pulled all those weeds she would be...but I digress.  The landscapers also put stuff in the pond to kill the algae but it's safe so when I jump the gate before my mom catches me and plunge into the pond, I won't get sick.

See the truck in the background?  If you have any ideas about how to get rid of a pack rat living under the hood let me know.  I've done my best to bark up under the truck but when we lift the hood only his nest is there.  We need help!

I hope you have a good summer.  Ours has been new and different but we're happy, even when we have to wait in the car.  Woof!  Woof!  Bo


  1. Hey, Bo! I'll bet you're happy when you get to go along with your mom and dad on those engagements. I like it when my folks take me on their RVing holidays. I have my favourite lounging spots in the trailer. (They call it a fifth-wheel, but I can't figure out why. It only has four wheels.) They went to a lakeside campground last week, and I got to go swimming lots... my very *favourite* activity!

    We had a mouse in the trailer earlier in the summer. Boy, did my mom ever complain about that... and dad quickly got rid of it with a trap. But pack rats are something else again. People say you need to clean away the nest and get the engine steam cleaned to eliminate the smell. Then hang mothballs or shavings of Irish Spring soap in nylon mesh bags under the hood when the vehicle isn't being used. (Gotta watch out with mothballs, though, 'cuz mom says they're poisonous for me!) Parking in a different spot, leaving the hood open at night, and keeping the carport light on through the night are all suppose to help. But I don't know if there's any sure thing. I hope your barking helps. Good luck!

    Tynan, the Black Lab

  2. Thanks, Tynan. I like the Irish Spring idea. Good smells! We did get one pack rat to meet his demise this morning so maybe he was THE one! About the fifth wheel thing, isn't it strange how humans name stuff? Gotta luv 'em. Woof!