Monday, November 7, 2011

Caesar's birthday

It's Caesar's birthday today!  Here he is trying to keep my mom from working.  It seems the only way to get her to close a book when she's researching is to cover it with our bodies.  As soon as Caesar wakes up we're going to have a party.  What a treat.  I personally like hooves but Caesar likes bully sticks.  Whatever, I bet there'll be toys and special food too.  I hope you celebrate your birthdays. Caesar is three in human years but 21 in dog years.  He could be on his own now but why would he leave the warm confines of Casa Court and my mom and dad's hugs.  Hope you all have a great day and pray that I won't eat too much ice cream!  Woolf Woolf!  Bo

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  1. Belated Happy Birthday, Caesar! I'm 7 (and a half) in people years, but my doctor's chart for big dogs says I'm the same age as Mom -- and she's OLD! I don't feel old! Don't eat too much ice creams or you will both get sick. Bo, I just lie on all Mom's papers and books (she keeps them close together and that's how I can cover them all. Then she sighs her big sigh -- she calls it the Orser Sigh and says I do it too, and I do, when she does something human-stupid to dogs! -- and tries to make me move. A peanut treat will usually work. But it's hard to move Mom when she's writing!
    Kimiko the Akita