Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The New Addition

So here I am looking chagrined. It's part of the reason I haven't posted for a time. My parents have brought a new little being into the tribe and along with my parents vacationing (without me so I couldn't post!) they then returned with this.
His name is Ceasar but they call him CiCi and he's so fragile looking my dad keeps referring to him as her. He has been...altered, but so have I and that doesn't change my gender, does it? Certainly not.
He's a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, ten months old now. He's actually been a pretty good addition. He likes to be petted and cuddled and get underfoot whereas I don't mind being petted, but I prefer action. Let's chase a gopher! My favorite thing! Let's jump in the river! My favorite thing! Let's look for pheasants! My favorite thing. And now when I'm off with my dad, my mom's got a pal; and when I'm off walking with her (my favorite thing!) then my dad's got someone to warm his belly for him.
However, tomorrow his belly gets cut into to remove something called a gull's bladder. Why a gull's bladder would be inside of him I'll never know. Imagine how it got there!
I'm doing the sleepover with my buddies Rex and Charlie and Toby and my mom is taking Cici with her.
I'm a little miffed about that. I loved the hospital (My favorite thing!) and did really well at St. Charles the last time my dad had surgery. They let pets come to visit and to spend the day. At the guest check in, there are crackers! (My favorite thing!) My mom said she had to agree to buy the hospital if I messed anything up but I didn't. Nurses straddled me checking on the tubes that ran into my dad; I drank from this funny shaped plastic bowl and I never barked not once.
But this time my mom hopes it'll be a short stay and they'll be home in a couple of days. So I'll get to run through the alfalfa fields (my favorite thing!) and not be cooped up in a hospital room or make the long three hour drive to the hospital either. Plus, when we travel, I have to be on a leash ALL THE TIME!!! I think my mom's worried that if I got off the leash, I might not listen to her and come back when I'm called. This could happen, especially if I sniffed something really interesting (my favorite thing!). I tell myself she's only looking after me which is what a mom is supposed to do.
One more good thing about Cici's arrival: he likes to sleep under my mom's feet while she works at the computer. I never really fit under there. I always slept in the hall so that if my dad left the bedroom (he has to rest a lot) or my mom left her office, (she's in there a lot!) they had to step over me. That way I never missed any action. My mom's happy with a buddy while she works and that makes me happy too. (My favorite thing!)
I hope you're having a happy week doing your favorite things. Your buddy, Bo.
Woof! Woof!


  1. Hey, Bo, long time no bark. I'm glad you're getting used to having CiCi around. Little dogs aren't all that bad. I used to think Shelties in our house were awful pests, but now that they're gone I kinda miss 'em. Fortunately I fit under my owner's desk quite well although she says I don't actually warm her feet... I cut off their circulation.

    Don't worry about not getting to that hospital. My mistress said a prayer for your master and we're counting on him making a quick recovery and getting home soon.

    Take care.
    Tynan the black Lab

  2. Hi there Bo. Been missing you. You do make me think of Maggie and her favorite things (squirrels, food, run, play, sleep...) Sleeping where we had to step over her was a favorite too.