Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the Ranger and me

Phyllis Nash sent my mom a photograph of me at the Fort Clatsop National Memorial where Lewis and Clark spent the winter with their dog Seaman in 1805-06. We visited in May when my mom spoke as part of a series called "In her footsteps." The ranger who is holding me is Sally Freeman. She's a chief ranger sort of person and I got to go on the tour of the Corp of Discovery digs because she took me! That's her mom off to the side. She sent the photograph. And that's my dad behind the car and my mom, bent over scratching my face. I love to have my face scratched, right between my eyes.

My parents are home now. Yesterday they took me to the vet. I didn't really want to go but I'd met up with this baby porcupine while they were gone and Matt spent long hours pulling those quills but he couldn't get them all. A whole bunch were stuck in the roof of my mouth. Wroof! Wroof! is not easy to do when your mouth is full of quills.

My mom bought me soft dog food in a can! Wow. I could get used to that stuff but I won't. It'll put on weight. I'm down to 74 pounds now that's she's hidden the milk bones. I had a good thing going for awhile. But now I can't even chew one. I couldn't go out to help with the irrigating this morning for fear I'd get into another porcupine. So I howled in the yard and my mom took pity on me and leashed me up and we went for a walk. I couldn't pull her into the river though; she didn't want to take a swim and wouldn't let me either.

Oh, well. Tonight I get a bath because we're going to Medford and Bend for book signings and I get to go along but only if I have a shower. So if you're in Medford, OR on Friday from 1:00 to 3:00 at Evangel books or you're at the High Desert Museum in Bend from 2:00 to 4:00, look for my mom and dad and me! Wroof! Wroof!


  1. Hi Bo. I had no idea you were a writer too. Great to see you here.

  2. Ooo, ya gotta watch out for those porcupines, Bo, but I guess you know that by now. At least you like that soft food. I wouldn't. I'm a crunchy food guy. Mind you, I get snacks, too. I especially love liver bars but I don't get very many of them. I weigh 90 pounds and my Mistress Mom says that's just about right for me. She doesn't want me to gain much more. I hope you had fun on the book signing trip.

    Tynan, the black Lab

  3. Hi Bo. Been missing you. I've sent you a Heartfelt Blogger Award 'cause I love to read your writing. Hope you don't mind.