Thursday, June 4, 2009

My First Post - Bodacious Bo Sets the Record Straight

First of all, that's me, Bodacious Bo named for a rodeo bull that was never ridden to the buzzer. I'm a wirehaired pointing Griffon or Griff for short. I have one great life, honest! the picture is a little fuzzy because my people took the shot through the window so don't worry about trying to clear it on your computer.
I included it because I need to set the record straight. Yes a photograph exists of me carrying my feline friend Diego around with his head in my mouth, his body and black and white tail hanging limp. That photo surfaced following a visit by some of my people's friends. Fortunately, it hasn't been added to Facebook. I carried Diego that way even in the veterinarian's office.
And here's the thing: Diego loved being transported that way! He'd sass right up to me, roll over and bare his neck so I could pick him up. The house of my people sits high against a ridge and it's a long way up there so I'd carry him. We were great pals.
I sure miss Diego.
My people don't know what happened to him but living where we do, eleven miles from a paved road and surrounded by thousands of acres with the nearest neighbor seven miles away, Diego might have gone traveling or met up with a coyote. I don't leave the compound at night but Diego often did.
Enter PB, short for Purr Ball. He's the tabby resting on my back. PB is Diego's full brother just from another litter. When he made his first trip to the vet, he purred the entire time through all his shots and he still purrs whenever our people pick him up or he's just wandering around seeking chipmunks or mice.
I wanted to let people know that PB and I get along great too. He doesn't ask me to carry him the way Diego did. Instead, he likes to climb on my back when I'm sleeping or gazing at the river and just rest. We're a great team. You have to get along out here so far from people and their pets.
My people have busy lives. The Mom is a writer. You can find her at and my Dad is a rancher and a retired builder. They travel a lot and then additional people come into my life, my people brother, his wife and his daughter, sometimes. Best of all, they bring their three dogs: Rex (a golden lab); Toby (a mix of Jack Russell and Chihuaha, but my best pal. He's not very big but he's got a huge heart); and Chuck (a mix between a Chihuaha and rat terrior). Sometimes I get to do overnights at their house, too. I really don't like my people to travel so much without me but when they go on an airplane, I don't go. At least I have pals around when they do.
I'll be posting now and then hoping you'll stop by as I let you know about my people, my life and my friends here at the end of Starvation Lane. Hope you'll tell me about your people and friends too. Wroof! Wroof! Bo


  1. Hi Bo
    I'm a people and sadly my doggie friends are all in doggie Heaven but I will look forward to reading your posts.
    Tail waggs

  2. Wroof back atcha, Bo. I'm a black Labrador Retriever and my best friend is Riley (you know, that "Life of Riley" guy). No cats around here but I used to have a few Sheltie companions. Sadly, a couple years ago the last one disappeared Over the Rainbow so now my owners dote on me all the more. My master is a retired preacher and my mistress is an aspiring writer so you can believe there are always lots of words in our household! (I'm hearing "heel", "stay", and "come" a lot these days.) 'Scuse me, but I see my mistress heading out to the deck with a book. I gotta go along so I can keep watch over the pesky birds and squirrels. No snakes. I don't do snakes. Mistress Mom shrieks at the sight of snakes.

    Happy t'ails to ya.