Friday, June 19, 2009

my traveling pants..I mean parents

My parents are in Minnesota. I'm here on the ranch chasing chipmunks and playing with Tobey, Rex and Chuck (whose mom calls him Charley, such a girlee name :) I know my mom's spending time at bookstores and signing people's books that aren't chewed by me personally. But she's also hanging out with Gertie, her brother's German Shepherd and Josa, a mix of Boston Terrior and blue heeler and Harry, a Drahther short hair mix. Josa has a bad foot because one of the horses stepped on her. Her parent has taught her how to play "dead or Viking" and she rolls right over dead because she's a Green Bay Packer fan. So am I and so are my parents!

Well my mom says she was on TV Showcase Minnesota and the interviewer tried to say her newest book was a steamy romance. She doesn't write steamy romance novels so she set him straight. She was also on national Public radio which is a big deal at our house. When we're driving to events, it's always on even though I'd prefer a little doggie jazz music now and then. Not likely!

So I hope they miss me. I miss them. I'm well taken care of but mom lets me up on the bed, the couch, and doesn't growl when I counter cruise. I'll probably lose weight while they're gone. They'll be home Monday! Hurrah and Wroof! Wroof! Bo

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