Friday, November 20, 2009

Fishing with my Dad

Last week my dad's daughter and her husband came to visit from Florida. We had one grand sunshine day for them and so we went fishing. Matt fished too so Rex, the yellow lab, hung out with the rest of us. You can hardly see me, a brownish/white blur beside Rex. That's Caesar making his way to mom. I learned his color is Blenheim. Looks red and white to me but what do I know?
First we got fishing licenses for our Florida guests. We had to go to Condon to check on my ears anyway. Dad dropped mom and I off at the vet and he headed with his kids to get the license. Well, we finished first (I still have to take these steriods and hey, am I bulking up! I'm also full of gas which hasn't won me any points at home). So my mom and I walked toward the down town. We watched our car drive up the street and my mom stepped off the curb into the street to wave them down and they drove right by us!!!!! Boy was mom mad. So we turned around and followed them, with her still waving hoping they'd look in the review mirror. They didn't.
They went to the vet who said we'd already left so he knew he'd driven right by us. I mean, it's one thing not to see mom but how could he have missed me! Later at the Country Gifts and Flower store dad made a purchase he gave to mom later. I guess that's how people do it. We dogs can just sniff our way into apologies.
Anyway, we got the licenses and went fishing the next two days. Well, Cici shouldn't go fishing because he came back matted with burdocks. Really bad. I tried to pull some of them out with my teeth but no luck. Dad and mom had to cut them out so now his soft little ears look like a bad cut and a bad perm too. I got most of mine out by myself. They don't stick much to my fur except around my mouth. Yowsers! Those can hurt! But mom gets them out.
Worst of all, only dad got a single bite. It's supposed to be the best steelhead run of a decade but we haven't been able to interest them. Still, the family had a good time and mom took some photos. It's the best time of the year to be fishing because the rattlesnakes are in their dens sleeping.
Think that's where I'll go now, to sleep so I'm rested up for Thanksgiving leftovers. No turkey skin though. Mom says I'm gassy enough without that!
Woof! Woof! Bo

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  1. Enjoy those leftovers Bo. How could dad miss you?