Friday, September 17, 2010

Friends and vacations

Well here are two of my pals that I've never met.  They're like "pen" pals only their pens are crates they might sleep in at night.  Here's the thing:  they're the buddies of friends of my mom.  Barkley, on the left, lives in Wisconsin and Bart, on the right, lives in Washington state.  Don't you love their eyes?  I mean, a dog can tell by the eyes if the dog they meet and sniff will be a friend or foe.  Both of these would be friends.  We were all going to meet this fall along with Coco from Canada (I'm hoping for a photograph of her soon!) when people took some vacation time...well, maybe I was only going to get to meet the people and not their buddies.  But plans change.  That happens in a dog's world too and you just have to be flexible or as my mom would say, "you have to be able to change directions quickly without a lot of friction"  just like a coping saw.

My parents are taking another vacation!  They're off to Greece for three weeks with out either me or Caesar!!!!  I supposed they'll bring back some silly dog thing, a toy the shape of the Acropolis or Delphi or something when all I really want is them back.  But they deserve a good vacation too.  It's celebrating my dad's 80th birthday.  I hope he has lots more years to play with me.  Caesar will visit his brothers in Salem and I'll be here with my pals Toby, Charley and Rex.  They like being able to crawl all over me...but they have to push PB, the cat, off my back to get on top.  And they do!

I hope you play hard, eat well and sleep often.  Maybe that's what I hope for my parents on their vacation, too.  Be well.  Woof!  Woof!  Bo

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  1. Bart looks just like my Maggie. Hope your parents enjoy their vacation, and hope you enjoy your toy.