Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Greece, Cats and Dogs

cats leaving the Dutch restaurant on Crete so my mom and dad can sit down and eat
dog resting on marble in Athens....what a cool place to get a belly scratch

 There you have it!  I haven't blogged for a month because my parents were in Greece and what do they bring back?  A photograph of a dog and cats!
      The dog is alive.  My parents are eating at an outdoor restaurant and this dog greets everyone walking down the street by rolling over and asking for a belly rub.  I didn't ask my mom if she rubbed his belly...I mean, that would be disloyal if she did, wouldn't it?  He looks pretty happy and I bet that marble was really cool.
     I was sure happy when they got home.  Caesar stayed with his brother while they were gone and I stayed with Matt and Melissa and their three dogs, Rex, Toby and Charlie. They're real good to me but being home is just better.
    Now about the cat picture.  My mom took lots of cat pictures because cats were everywhere on Crete, an island in the Aegean Sea where they spent a week in a little village.  They liked the restaurant owned by a Dutch family and these are the chairs outside where the cats have full control.  I guess there are "Cat Cafes" around the village where the cats are fed.  Visitors to Crete are asked to please not feed the cats so they'll always go to their own cat cafe.  That way, local people collect them if they're sick and take them to a vet and they have them neutered.  (Been there, done that!)  Cats lounge in window sills, sleep on chairs and my mom said every morning when they got up, there'd be a cat looking in the window at them.
     I picked this picture hoping you can see the cat under the chair AND the one leaving the other chair.  What a great place to visit, really, with cats and dogs all around. Plus my parents must have done a lot of eating because most of the photographs are of cats in restaurants!  You can see yet another shot if you subscribe to my mom's Story Sparks newsletter (see www.jkbooks.com) and pictures of Greece too on her words of encouragement blog on her website.
     PB, my yellow tabby buddy who sleeps on my back when I rest on the deck, missed mom and dad too but at least I could play with him when we stayed at the ranch.  Otherwise, I was in Wasco where Matt and Melissa live. They have a nice place but no fenced in yard so I have to go out on a leash when I'm there. Vacations are nice for some people but they're not too cool for me.  I like my family close at hand.  So glad they're back!  Hope your family is only a lap away.  Woof!  Woof!  Bo

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  1. Woof. Nice pictures. Sounds like it was a good trip.