Saturday, November 6, 2010

Letting a Cat Post

Dear Mrs. Kirkpatrick,

I was trying to comment to Bo’s blog but I don’t think it worked—probably my typing.  It’s hard with such short toes. 

Would you please tell him that I really liked his telling about cat cafes.  Cool.  As he knows, we have a sort of “moveable feast” here:  I ask for food, one or the other of Them brings the dish out, I eat—that’s the Best part—, then They pick it up Old Yellow or Mean Black, the scroungy cats down the hill, don’t get my food.  Makes a guy dizzy.  Please give my best to Bo and Caesar, even if they are dogs.

Yours very truly,

Duddie The Cat

Ok, so I let a cat post today.  Sorry his picture didn't come through but what can I say...maybe cats should be read and not seen.  Woof!  Woof!  Bo

1 comment:

  1. Bo, you're very brave to let Duddie take over your blog, even this once. Cats are bold. There's only one in our extended family, but whenever we get to visit, she makes sure I know that she's the boss. I mean, face it... she weighs a mere 15 lbs. and I weigh 90, but she still gets to call all the shots anyway. She's first out the door in the morning, first to get her food dish at dinner time, and she always gets to lay in the one sliver of sunlight when it finds its way across the living room rug. We get along okay, but only because I don't contest her claim to superiority.

    Woofy good wishes back atcha.
    Tynan the Black Lab