Saturday, November 13, 2010

Off to Aurora!

Today I learned that "toss it" means something different to humans than I thought it did.  When my dad says "Let's toss it!" to me, he's throwing a favorite toy for me to go catch.  But around here it means "put it in a sack and out of sight."
     So far, they haven't gone through my toy basket and tossed anything.  I'd better start hiding my favorites just in case.  Sometimes my mom washes my favorites and that's almost as bad as not having it at all.  Almost.
      But I adapt.  That's what a dog does.
      This afternoon, though, things have changed a bit.  No more packing (we ran out of boxes my mom says) and we're off to Aurora, (my favorite thing!).  We get to run in a big yard while my mom talks with people at the museum there.  I've been visiting that museum since I was a puppy.  Well, I don't get to go inside but I know all the people there, Jan, Elizabeth, Patrick, Annette, and Pam (but she retired!).  Lots of board members, too.  They're all good to me.  I haven't seen them since May for Emma's Day.  Tomorrow, my mom will be at the Kraus House which is also known as Emma's house greeting people for the holiday tour.  You all come!  Maybe I'll get to meet you!
       Have a great weekend!  Woof!  Woof!  Bo

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  1. Hope you and your Mom and Dad are enjoying adapting.