Friday, November 12, 2010

Veterans Day the day after

I tried to get up here early but my mom's office looked like an explosion of boxes and books and things she said "were going to the Salvation Army."  I figured I'd stay out of the way...I didn't want to be one of those things that got packed!
                My mom said it was Veterans Day yesterday when humans celebrate the end of a long a terrible time of war.  It's different from Memorial Day when we remember fallen soldiers and friends who have gone.  (My friend Hershey passed on to that big rainbow bridge just last week.  His parents have a hole in their heart).  Mom says Memorial Day is a more somber time but Veterans Day is a time to sing because there was peace in the land.  Mom says there isn't peace in the land today but it's still a good thing to sing for and we can remember veterans, too.  My dad is a veteran.  He was in the Navy.  He looks pretty good for someone who turned 80, I think!  He took me pheasant hunting just last week.  It was cool.  
                We didn't see any parades or anything.  We were packing.  Mom gave Caesar and me new hoofs to chew on so we'd get out of the way. 
                Mom and Matt are sorting books and coughing from the dust on the Zane Grey novels or the books on writing or the books marked "I haven't read these yet."  She said when her aunt moved that she had boxes labeled "Books I have only read once."  There's hardly a place to lay down in that room.  Caesar can fit under her desk but not me!
                My dad's back is hurting him quite a bit so he's resting but that doesn't stop my mom from packing stuff around him.  There's hardly room on the bed for me to lay down either! 
                My friend Simon came to visit, too.  He brought his mom and they've been packing and packing.  Simon is Ceasar's brother.  They're little and I watch over them.
                Oh, now my mom's sat down and she looks sad.  She's looking at a picture of her dad, she said, one taken when he was a young man standing beside his airplane.  He learned to fly when she was little.  Then she found a picture of him shortly before he died and she read a card she'd saved sent to her by her "groupies" she called them because they called themselves that.  She says she's not making any headway in her office even with the dozens of books marked "Powell's" which I guess is someplace in Portland. Her friend Nancy is going to take books there and get cards so mom can buy more books once we're "moved."
                Moved.  That's the word describing all this chaos and emotion with tears and yes, a little shouting too, and then hugs and apologies and my mom and dad hold each other and say, "It'll be all right.  It's a transition."  I'm not sure what a transition is but it sure seems to be making them behave in strange ways.  Why, my mom isn't even getting up early to write!  She writes when she "takes a packing break."  I wonder how long this will go on....
                Have any of you been in a transition?  How does it end?????   Bo, Woof, Woof.  (See, even I'm confused.  I think I'm supposed to Woof, Woof before I sign my name!)


  1. Dear Bo. I know it must be confusing around the house with this thing they are calling a transition. We made one five years ago. We kind of cheated though, because we bought the property a number of years before we moved and I was able to get used to it a little at a time when we visited. Once we were here permanently and I started to meet new people I felt much more comfortable. In fact, where I live now feels more like home than anywhere I have ever lived. So, even though right now seems like a stressful turmoil there is a good chance better things may be in your future. I have learned to always find the positive in whatever is happening. Bo, I know you can do it too. I hope you know that your Mom and Dad's friends are concerned about how you are dealing with this. We all care about you and Ceaser and PeeBee too.

    Your friend in Brownsville, Oregon, Linda

  2. Dear Bo,
    I just signed on to your blog and am enjoying reading it. I have just had a 'transition' also and it is ok now. No matter where I am or where I travel I see something beautiful. I have read a lot of your Mom's books and met her and you Dad at Illwaco at a book signing and talk. Loved it. Remember, home is where your family is.
    A friend from WA State, now in N MN. Barbara

  3. Dear Bo,

    I wrote a really looooong message for you, but Mom says it's too long to put on here, so she says she'll send it to your mom to share with you. It's about my big transition years ago to this home with her family.

    I just want you to know it's ok. Your human mom and dad have your comfort in mind, and when you get there you'll be alright all together. It will be ok, Mom says, because she knows your human parents have One even bigger than they are, who is taking care of them, and so even if they are tired everything will be ok for you.

    Take care and "Bark!" back at ya!

    Jeffy Farrell
    Tualatin, OR

  4. Bo...don't worry about your mom and dad. I know that they will be fine and this move is a good thing. Change is often difficult but it is also refreshing, like spring after a long winter. You and your family will be happy here back in the junipar trees again. We have the geese that cackle over head and the deer will come into your yard and eat your moms flowers. Another good thing is that you will be so connected to people, family and friends are just minutes away. In fact, you will be able to just drop in for a meal just like old times. Yes you will have to drive a few miles instead of just walking across the sandy yard from your trailer to mine but super close. I know it is a very stressful time for your mom and dad, so when things seem tense, just walk over to them and give them a big slopy lick. That always makes everything better. Oh and tell your mom that if she needs me to come help blow some dust off boxes just to let me know. I am very experienced at that, in fact I put a lot of those books and things away in that house nearly 30 years ago. I look forward to getting to know you better...I was very attached to your older brothers and sisters whom have already passed. Keep wagging Bo and see you soon.

  5. Hi Bo,
    It's your friend Eddie in Seattle.....give your Mom and Dad lots of kisses, they're going through a tough time....that's a transition!
    We love you!

  6. Ah Bo. All those boxes! I've been emptying things from my Mum's room ready for her visit. Boxes tucked round the corners of all the other rooms now, but it's worth it; she'll be here later today. I hope you're deciding all your boxes were worth it too.